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[Fic] A Day - A Love Story

Written for RyoDa White Day Orgy

Title: A day – a love story
Pairing: RyoDa
Rating: PG-13
Genre: ANGST, AU
Disclaimer: None of them is mine. None is true. But I wish I own Tatsuya soon. XD
Summary:  He only has him, as lover, as best friend and even as his soul. But he was always someone that he would someday lose…
Warning: AU!
A/N: Taking few of the ideas from Lovers and Souls – Miyamoto Kano (most of it at the ending), I’m falling for that manga, it was beautifully written besides I loves guys with long hair like Matsuoka-san.. XD
Beta by:my dear Colleen /


It was one rainy day when we first met.

“Shit! I forget to bring the umbrella!” Tatsuya was in front of the college building counting the raindrops before he decided to run into the rain to catch the time. He afraid he would miss the Gackt’s show on television that he was counting starting a month ago.   

“Guess it’s the only way.” He ran fast so he could minimize the amount of water that was pouring hard on his body, he didn’t notice until he bumped into some guy. A pretty handsome guy as well.

“Err... are you okay? I’m sorry, I was in hurry and I didn’t see you coming, I’m so sorry...” Tatsuya was bowing asking for forgiveness.

“No, it’s okay. I’m the one who should apologize. I was purposely blocking your way just now.” Tatsuya’s eyes went bigger when he heard the latter’s words.

“Excuse me… did you just said that you were just blocking my way?”

“Yeah!” That guy was acting innocent while holding his quite big, black colored, umbrella that could cover both of them with the tight face, looking so arrogant in Tatsuya’s opinion that he scowled.

I’m going to miss the Gackt’s show if this conversation drags on. But how do I punish him for intentionally blocking my way and acting like a spoiled brat? And why he’d do that?

“Sorry, can I get your phone number?” The guy was interrupting his monologue and tripled his bad thoughts on that guy.

“What do you need that for?”

“You said you’re in hurry but I’ve got something to talk about with you. That’s why I asked for your phone number, I’ll call you later.” The arrogant guy explained himself.

“Give me yours, I’ll make the call.” Tatsuya did not want to give it.

“I hope you’ll do so.” Said the arrogant guy while drew his personal card from his pocket before give it to Tatsuya. Tatsuya took the card and searching for the guy’s name. Nishikido Ryo.

“Ja ne Nishikido-san!” He bowed goodbye and left the guy standing alone in the rain.

“Take care, Ueda!”

Ehh!!! How did he know my name? Tatsuya wanted to ask that out loud but the guy was already walking to the other side when he turned back. He looked at the guy’s back with full of thoughts until he didn’t notice that it was the time for the Gackt’s show to start…


You were blocking my way!

“You said you’ll call me.” Someone was blocking his way to the cafeteria, where he was headed to grab a bite to eat.

“That was only to shut your mouth. I’m not stupid to call someone who stalked me for weeks now.” Tatsuya was increasing his speed. He was avoiding that guy.

“I was not stalking you; I need to discuss something with you but you’re the one who was run away from me.”

“I don’t like arrogant people. I rarely speak to them.”

“Sorry?” Ryo didn’t get what Tatsuya was saying.

“I said I don’t like you. I don’t want to talk to you!” He feels like running but Ryo was faster than him, he blocked Tatsuya for the second time that day.

“Listen! I am a freelance photographer. I’m interested in taking your picture.” That’s stopped Tatsuya from saying anything for about thirty seconds.

“I’m not interested!”

“I heard you do model sometimes.” Ryo wanted to take Tatsuya’s pictures very badly. He did some research on Tatsuya and luckily Tatsuya is a part-time model for some magazines, though most of it was the high-class publication, he don’t want to give up, not now.

“Only if the catch is big enough.”

 “I’ll pay for it! I need you to model for me! Just name your price” Ryo would never give up.

“It’s not only about money. Sometimes, I want more than that!” He smirked when saying that, wishing he could weaken the man’s intention. Ryo was just silent. They were looking into each other eyes for a few second before Tatsuya gave up.

“I’m free this Sunday. I’ll go to your place.”


I feel the warmth…

“Ryo-Chan… can I go to your place tomorrow? I got all class off.” Tatsuya was asking over the phone. He was sounded a bit cheerful.

“No, you can’t! You’ll just disturb me.” Ryo sounds directly.

“I don’t need your approval; I’ll go and stay over there this whole weekend.” The situation was turned the other way now.

“I won’t let you in.”

“Then I won’t model for you again!” He shouted, making sure Ryo heard. There was silence for few seconds.

“Just come okay!” Ryo surrendered.


Open up for me… Let me in!

Tatsuya was stomping angrily to Ryo’s bedroom. He was already wearing his usual clothes at home, loose T-shirt that was showing his bare shoulders with his soft pink boxers. He was waiting for Ryo to finish drying the photos that he took that morning. Ryo is a very particular person; he would do his work slowly to avoid any damage until he’s satisfied, that’s the reason why he doesn’t want anyone to enter the dark room. Tatsuya was just scolded by him for entering that room. He felt troubled.

They knew each other for more than seven months now. It was just a relationship between a model and a photographer before, but it had turned out well now. Lately he knew something had happened to himself. He was attached to Ryo for more than usual. He felt really comfortable being with Ryo. Even Ryo was still the same cold Ryo; he knew Ryo loves him too as his closest friend. But recently Tatsuya was getting greedy. He felt like he wanted more from Ryo. He felt the urged to touch Ryo’s skin, feel those tight muscles beneath his fingers. The sexy mole under Ryo’s eyes gave a very big blow to his heart; he wanted to place a kiss on that, giving away all the loves that he had. He knew he always get caught staring at Ryo’s handsome face, but Ryo never asked anything about that which made him wanted to know Ryo’s thoughts on him…


“Hey, are you sleeping? Wake up!” Ryo was trying to wake Tatsuya up by shouting from the hall way before entering his bedroom. Tatsuya was sleeping soundly while hugging Ryo’s favorite pillow. Ryo was smiling seeing that.

“Tatsuya… you need to get up now. Why don’t you eat before going to bed?” He wanted to pull up Tatsuya like he always did, but he stopped when he saw that pretty guy’s face. He sat on the edge of the bed. Slowly he tucked in Tatsuya’s long fringe to his ears. Without he noticed, his fingers were moving caressing the smooth skin on Tatsuya cheeks. The desire that he never knew he held for that guy slowly awaken deep inside.

You’re beautiful… just like a princess... Ryo’s thought in his mind. The soft movement he made just woke up the latter. Tatsuya was purring in his sleep.

“Hey Hime… wake up!” he pinched Tatsuya’s cheeks playfully until Tatsuya’s opened his eyes. His eyes was widening when he realized Ryo was smiling to him.

Ryo hardly smiles.

He blushed just thinking about that…


Ryo… I’m in love!

“You did know that I’m a gay when we first met right?” Tatsuya was asking Ryo when they had another photo shoot. It took place in Ryo’s mini studio in his apartment. But this is not just ordinary shoot because Ryo wanted him to pose nude, which he believed he couldn’t do. He would definitely get hard!

“Sort of…”

“Then you still want me to pose naked?” Ryo, who was busy preparing his camera, stopped all of sudden.

“Is there any problem? Not that you never posed like that.” He stared at Tatsuya questionably.

“I can’t!”


“Because I’ll definitely get hard if got you staring at my body…” Tatsuya was looking on the floor while saying those words. Ryo couldn’t say anything. He keeps on silence for a few seconds, but then he chuckle before turned back getting the camera done. He thought Tatsuya was just toying with his words.

“You were thinking too much. Stop playing now, gets serious when we’re working!” Ryo said and missed Tatsuya’s sadden face that was looking at him. Tatsuya step closer to Ryo.

“That time…” he paused when he stood right behind Ryo. “When I posed naked for that magazine, I was not in love with the photographer…“ He hugged Ryo from behind made the latter freeze, whether from Tatsuya movement or from hearing Tatsuya’s confession, he doesn’t know.

Without Tatsuya’s acknowledge, Ryo was hiding his smile.

“I’m afraid you’ll have to take care of me if you still want me to pose like that…” Tatsuya said again while getting really comfortable smelling Ryo’s scent that he addicted.  Ryo brushed off Tatsuya’s hands and fixed the props without even looking at Tatsuya’s blank face. He was trying hard to ignore his jumping heart.

“Then… we should start working now!”


You complete me!

“Ryo… where is this place? It has very beautiful scenery…” Tatsuya was asking Ryo one calming evening when they were staying leisurely on Ryo’s bed. Ryo took that picture.

“It’s Sipadan Island at Malaysia country…”

“Malaysia? I’ve rarely heard about that country… “

“Yeah! It was a very beautiful country... I’ll take you there if we had any chance, okay?” Tatsuya was smiling hearing those promises.

“Un!” Ryo just ruffled his brown locks.

 They had become more than friends after the ‘nude pose’ incident. Tatsuya was the one who always took the first move while Ryo was still the same. He lets Tatsuya’s did everything for their relationship. But that doesn’t mean he’s a masochist, and he’s the seme for Tatsuya…

Sometimes, Tatsuya wondered what feeling Ryo has for him. He never heard Ryo’s confession, neither in their daily life nor in their hot sex sessions. Ryo just always said that “you are beautiful…” which his face would turn red after that.



“Do you love me?” Tatsuya was placing those pictures back into the box and put away that box. Then he jumped on Ryo’s huge bed next to the owner. They sleep together almost every night, but Tatsuya feared he was the only one who belonged to Ryo, not that they belonged to each other. After all, Ryo never give him the apartment’s key.

“What with that all of sudden?” Ryo asked back.

“Because I love you… and I wanted to be with you this whole life…”

“You’re a poet now” Ryo wanted to smile.

“I am… when I started falling for you…” That made Ryo chuckled.

“You should know it by yourself now…” Ryo said while his eyes slowly shut down which made him missed Tatsuya’s words after that.

“I doubt sometimes.”

He waited for Ryo’s reply… but then he knew Ryo was in a deep slumber. He let out a small smile while decreasing the space between them. He leaned over looking on Ryo’s calming face. Slowly he kissed the mole under Ryo’s eyes before a peck on another mole.

“Wouldn’t it be okay if you started to love me?”


I want to breathe the same air that you breathe…

Snap! Snap!

“Hey! Stop taking my pictures. I don’t like it.”

“Why? But you’re a photographer…”

“I don’t know, I just don’t like it when people take my picture.” Ryo answered while busying packing his luggage. He needs to follow a photography group to Malaysia.

“Okay! When are you going there? You said you would bring me there when we got chance…”

“This is all of sudden, I’m planning to go again end of this year, and I promise I’ll bring you there that time.” Ryo was smiling sincerely to Tatsuya. “By the way, I’ll go tomorrow”

“Take a good care of yourself when I’m not around, don’t skip classes...” Ryo felt a bit unease to leave Tatsuya but he had to.

Tatsuya was hugging Ryo from behind like he always did. It was like his habit. He likes to feel the warmth of Ryo’s body. Thinking that he’s going to miss that warmth for about one week, he wanted to do it with Ryo now and then.

“Don’t forget to bring back some souvenir for me…” Tatsuya said to Ryo’s ears before placed a kiss on his earlobe.

“You need to hold me tonight… or I won’t let you go…” Tatsuya claimed Ryo’s lips like a hungry child.

That night they were making love to each other until Ryo’s addicted scent mingled with his…


You should take me with you…

Tatsuya was waiting for Ryo’s phone call. Loneliness was lingering when his soul was far away. It was almost one week; Ryo should be home in two days.

“He might be very busy there, guess I would just waiting here until he comes back.” He was staying at Ryo’s place for the whole week, no urge to go back to his house. He went to college for the usual classes and then gets back to Ryo’s apartment. He doesn’t like to party like most of his friends, that was the reason why he attached to Ryo so much. Ryo was just like him but quieter and always calm.


The number you have dialed is not available...

“You said that you’re going there for only one week!” It has been nine days now.

“Whatever, I’ll try calling again later.”


He was just sleep when he feel like sleeping, eating when he hungry, dreaming for the whole day while waiting for Ryo to come home. He skipped his classes just to wait for Ryo. He wanted to ask Ryo why he made him waiting like that. He wanted to hug Ryo the moment Ryo enter the house. He wanted to look what kind of souvenir that Ryo had bought for him. He wanted to make Ryo’s favorite hot chocolate and drinking together while cuddling with him. He wanted to do so many things with Ryo. But most of all he wanted to say that he missed Ryo so much that he couldn’t live without him so that Ryo would bring him along when he goes anywhere, so he could not suffering like this.

But still… Ryo was nowhere to be found. Tatsuya was miserable.


The familiar ringtones suddenly ringing woke him up from his sleep.

“Ryo! Where are…”

“Is this Ueda-san? I’m Nishikido Ryo’s sister. I’m sorry to call you all of sudden, but seems like your number was in his speed dial.” The caller seems in hurry. It made Tatsuya felt something bad had happened.

“Yes! I am Ueda… Is Ryo…” The caller interrupts him again.

“Were you very close to Ryo?”

“Urm… yes! I’m his best friend” I’m his lover!

“I see… Four days ago in Malaysia… Ryo died in an accident near the airport!”


“We’re just making the funeral arrangement. Please come if you can…”

What was that? I don’t understand what she said. Ryo was involved in an accident? Died instantly? Didn’t he promise me that he would come back? How can he just disappear? That’s funny!

Tatsuya was crying, but not a single drop fell.

Still… She said that he’s dead. That must be true.


There’s no way to come with you…

He didn’t go to the funeral, there’s no energy left.

He was feeling like committing suicide, but he knew Ryo wouldn’t have agreed with that. He hardly eats and drinks.

He sleeps while clutching to Ryo’s picture… 


“Ueda-san, there’s a delivery for you...” The guard sent it to him. He’s still living in Ryo’s house.

“Thanks you!” He opened the box and found a note.


‘I think you have the right to keep these things – Ryo’s sister.’

There’s a lot of Ryo’s belonging in there, he plan to just leave it on the floor but then he found a small package contains full of his pictures that already addressed to him but it never sent. It was about thirty pictures of him… Slowly he looks at it one by one until he reached the last three pieces. They were Ryo’s pictures with smiling face and there’s some stick note was stuck on those photos.


‘I’ll give you my keys’


‘Let’s go to everywhere together!’

And the last one…


‘I love you Tatsuya – Happy White-Day!’

Then he found Ryo’s house duplicates keys in there, entangles to a stripe that has “HIME” on that. It was beautiful.

Those pictures scattered on the floor… For the very first time after Ryo died, his tears fall down…

I never thought I could cry like that. I thought I’d never stop.


I won’t love anyone else like this, till the day I die…


First, Let's pray for Japan and the whole World!
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If anyone could cry from this fic, let me know.. If its not strong enough angst, let me know too.. let me know everything, be it constructive criticism.

[One-shot] The Different Like

Ryoda Malaysian Writer Comeback Orgy

Title: The different like
Pairing: RyoDa
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance, Fluff (typical me), angst (just a bit), Crack!
Summary: Sometimes, we just need to close our eyes and just do what our heart told us. Though we already know that it is forbidden.
Disclaimer: Ryo with Tatsuya is a perfect dream for me. Be it dry or wet.
A/N: Well, borrowing from 
[info]messykawaii @ messy-chan's words “writer’s block is my new BFF” so, I just could come out with this. I’m not satisfied, but do not have enough time to put on with another idea. (The truth is I am afraid of [info]ayaryo @ aya-chan if couldn’t post it on time. Lol!) Please bear with this. And oh! This is our first orgy girls! Let’s have some fun! XD for messy-chan, happy earlier birthday!
Beta by:
aibakaneesh dear, you help me a lot, thanks! XD

LJ told me that this post is too large while i posted it using the LJ cut. so I'm bothering you again my F-list because i am too lazy to fix anything or even to think about it. sorry~

“Didn’t you know?” He asked me that calming night when the winds shyly kissed his beautiful locks. How appealing he appeared to me, he doesn’t even know. I took three or four steps away from him, embracing my cold body alone. I could feel his eyes tracing every single step I took, waiting for my answer.

“I just didn’t want to know.” I tried to sound cool even my heart was pounding like mad. We were here to solve every little things that were bothering us, or maybe not. Maybe it was just bothering me. It was about the rumor that floated months ago. Apparently, it could be true because I heard from someone that Kobayashi-san wanted more that just a friendship with Tatsuya. The news made me go mad.  It was absolutely a horrible news!

I heard him chuckle, making me turn my head to look at him. He stopped hesitantly after received my glare. I’m not a girl, for God’s sake, but lately I’ve learned to act like one. I believed I learned it from him.

I heard him clear his throat.

“I didn’t make any decision yet… not that I need,” he spoke after that, more to himself, “Everyone thought that I’m going after her. She’s my best friend after all.”

“Then why don’t you just accept it?” I cut his words straight away. How could he say all those things with a smiling face? I felt like shouting, but managed to hold it back. I knew then that I had made a mistake. He was looking at me with his mysterious death glare. I’m a coward, I never had any courage to fight that look.  I turned my head to watch the waves in front of us. It was really cold here.

Even as I said everything that I wanted, without any hesitation, full of confidence, only god knows what kind of battle was taking place in my heart right now. Others saw me as a cool guy, I even infamous with my dokkun title. But what was I thinking when I talked with the guy behind me was definitely different from what I said or did. I love him. And no one knows about it. He knew it, but I’m not sure he believed me one-hundred percent.

Maybe he felt insecure… I should tell him straight away. Just like that. Maybe it’s the only way to confront him.

“Somehow I feel like you don’t know me at all…” I was jolted a bit when a pair of warm arms hugged me from behind.

“I really want to be with you, Ryo… I’ll be with you forever.  “And when death parts us, I hope I’ll still be with you in my other life”. I was sure I heard the winds continue his words… or… was that his heart’s signal telling me his real feeling?

“Hmmm…” I took a deep breath before I held his hand tenderly but tight enough and pulled him into my embrace. I knew he was shocked with my sudden action just now. We never have been like this before. True. I never make any moves on him before; even we always shared our free time together. It was hard to make any body contact with him, because of my bashful attitude. I knew he wanted more from me, I could feel it from his eyes. But he was sure to restrain himself from touching me. He wanted me to start it first and I didn’t know when the perfect time to take the next step in this relationship was. I hoped this is the perfect time.

He just stood still in my arms like he was afraid this moment will end if he made any moves. The scent of his hair made me felt really comfortable; to just being like this and I hope he was feeling the same.

Ueda Tatsuya.

He is the only man that I could ever fall in love with, and he was in my embrace right now. Thinking of that alone could make my heart pound even faster. I was sure he could hear my heart beating right now.

I never like any man before. I got so many guy friends, but the feeling never got the other way like I had for him.

He is special.


This is wrong.

I knew it from the start that I shouldn’t pursue this feeling. I couldn’t handle it, though. Every time I look at him, I urge to touch him or even to hold him. Let alone how many times I realized I was having a thought of his sexy face and body. Those were sins, and falling in love with him also forbidden. Why had it had turned this way?

“Tatsuya…” I took a deep breath.


“I think I might like you…” I felt relieved as I said the words to his ears. He was loosening the hug and those beautiful eyes of his were looking at me with indescribable feeling. I thought he’d blushed, just like me. But he was really beautiful when blushing like that. He hugged me again, much more tender than before. We stand like that for a few minutes before he pulled himself away again and was looked straight into my eyes.

“You said like..? Just like?”

“Yeah, I like you.” I thought I’d give my best answer to him, but why I saw he was frowning after that? He looked away and distances ourselves. I only could see his back from here.

“I thought you loved me… you’re just so… frustrating!” Oh no! Tatsuya was absolutely got the wrong idea. “I love you Ryo… if you don’t love me back, why does my heart tell me the other way?” A tinge of hurt could be heard in his voice.

“Hey! Baby, you got the wrong idea, here.” He was faced me abruptly. His eyes sparkling just like shining stars. Beautiful! I said deep down in my heart.

“I like you, but my like is not just like. It’s different from what you’d thought.” I tried to explain it to him.

“Then, what is it?” He asked.

“What is it what?” I was seriously confused.

“Your like… what is it? What kind is it?” he provoked me. Things that had been smoky were now clear. I didn’t know what his motivation was while asking me that question, but I felt really nervous. Didn’t he know it already? Or was he that innocent to ask such a question?

“Why aren’t you answering? So I really get the wrong idea all of this time... right?” He was making that look again, the sad one.

He should know me already. I was not preparing anything on this. I felt afraid to confess to him, yet ready to make an established relationship with him. Many things flew through my head. Why was he taking things so easily? Wasn’t he afraid that life will turn against us once we come out gay? I never have been a homo. I’m still a straight man right now (except my body did react for him). But the path that I wanted to take after this was really clear in front of me now.

“You know… Tatsuya…” I took his slender fingers and intertwined them with mine. “We are going to take the hardest path in our lives…” He furrowed his eyebrows a bit; maybe trying to understand what I was saying.

“I bet you knew this is forbidden…” I saw him lower his face, then kick some dirt by his shoes. We stood in silent for a moment. I just let him think what he wanted to. I knew he was playing with his emotions. This not a simple deal.

“Tatsuya…” I squeezed his right hand, which was still in mine, to make him turn his face to me. “We should heading home now, it’s getting colder here.” I wanted to give him more time to think on this, albeit I already decided myself. Slowly, I dragged him to the car.

I really wanted to know what he was thinking now but he kept on silent.

“Ryo, wait!” suddenly he stopped me. I looked at him with full attention; I never wanted to divide it on anything. Just for him for now. Full of hope.

“Ryo… I knew you love me… I can feel it… here” He said and putting our hands on his chest. “That’s the reason I kept closed the differences between us. That’s the reason I kept on accepting you all of this time.” He took a deep breath.

“At first I thought this is just an illusion, my heart keeps telling me that I’m wanting you more than just a friend. But after a lot of time I spent on thinking about this, about me and who I really want to be with, I knew this is my best choice.“

He hugged me gently after that. All the love he had for me… I could feel it with the warm hug and so I heard him whispered in my ear.

“If loving you is an unforgiving sin, then allows me just to live with it. I don’t care anymore. All I need for is you to be with me…”

I just tightened the embrace. It was really cold here, but I felt warm enough with the love that I’d gained.



“Then, I shall tell you what kind of like is my like… right?” This time he was smiling at me before he nodded his head. We are already at his apartment.

(Tatsuya: because he doesn’t want to go back to his home! *rolling eyes*)

“Yeah! Tell me what is it?” he asked. I got the green light? *smirked* so I pulled his body close to me. Oh… It’s getting hot here, but I’m still nervous!


He smelled good. I pulled his face nearer and once crashing our lips together for the very first time. It felt like heaven.

One minute.

Two minutes.

Four minutes.

*smack sound*

“Ouch! What the hell was that for?” Of course he hit me!

“Didn’t I say stop it? Couldn’t you hear it? Oh GOD… you’d just ruined up everything!”

What? When he said to stop it? Seriously I did not hear anything like that. He just pushed me, well… that didn’t mean he don’t like it right? What’s wrong with that kiss? It was hot! I even played with his tongue! *beaming*

“What ruined? You don’t like the kiss?” I asked.

“That was our first kiss you know!?” He looked unhappy.

“Of course I know! But what’s wrong with that?” he is okay isn’t it? Don’t tell me he don’t like doing that hot stuff! Oh no! Is he homophobic? *head shaking* no! Of course not when he was the one who made the first move.

Tatsuya sat on the couch. Making me followed what he was doing. I sat beside him.

“Shouldn’t the first kiss should be sweet and soft?” He said it while looking into my eyes. Just like a naïve boy.

“Should it? Why does it have to be like that?” I am so lost at the moment.

“I always dreamt of that. Like the one I did on the play.” I could see he was happy while saying that. So he was happy kissing that Kobayashi-san back then? *frowning*

“So you don’t like it?”

There was no answer.


“Not that I don’t like it. It was damn good! Plus I was doing it with you… but, still… I wanted it the other way, smooth and… just light.” He cut my words.

OMG! I didn’t know that he was this cute. So the pretty face not meant for nothing, it’s a good match for that cute part. *chuckle*

“You are really cute!” * pokes Tatsuya’s beautiful nose*

“Ryo, stop it! I’m not!” He denied.

“Yes you are!” In some ways, I didn’t know what I was feeling. I’m just glad.

I pulled him into my embrace. “We can try to make your dream come true in our second kiss. Can we?” I just wanted to taste that sweetness of his lips. Badly! He nodded. Yes! So we kissed just like the way he wanted it. Sweet and soft. Just like him.

“I was thinking of going to bed with you tonight.” He said to me after the kiss.

“What? Then, what are you waiting for? Let’s go, baby!” I’m happy right? *grin wider and wider*

“No! Not after that first kisses! Go and sleep by yourself, don’t ever get any idea of doing that tonight!” He said and walked through his bedroom door before closed it.



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[One-shot] Unintended (Part Two)

Title: Unintended (Part Two)
Pairing: RyoDa

Rating: G
Genre: Romance, Fluff (IDK)
Disclaimer: None of them is mine. None is true. But I wish I own Tatsuya soon.

Summary: It was an arranged marriage by his parents but he was the one who chose the bride that he claims he had no feelings on. Moreover, the bride is a MAN!

A/N: *chuckle* I know I took so much time to come out with this, forgive me. I was busy with my job lately and then Ayu-chan/ 
[info]kougazgurl  had a problem with her computer, so she couldn’t beta for me this time, but I found another person that really happy to help me on beta-ing this.. For Colleen, thanks for your help and explanations. So here the 2nd part, I hope I didn’t fail… As usual, comments are really love~
Beta by:

LJ hates me! Sorry to my F-list, I'll fix this later...

Part Two

It’s Ueda, dad! I want Ueda Tatsuya to be my bride!


Ryo thought that he was definitely going insane. The words keep on repeating in his mind, maybe because it was the last sentence spoken by him. At least, that was the good reason for him to keep him conscious and stop blaming himself for now. He was now at the metro station, waiting for Jin to pick him up, as they had planned earlier that morning.


Twenty minutes later, they were at Jin’s house talking and making plans on how to resolve Ryo’s current problem. It was not only the two of them; Ryo just couldn’t leave his leader behind. So it was Ryo, Jin, and Yamapi.


“Let’s begin now. Just tell us what’s going on.” Yamapi made the first move after waiting for long enough to hear from Ryo. Ryo sighed loudly.


“First, I wanted to make this clear for both of you. Whatever would happen to me, I know I can put my trust in both of you,” Ryo finally said.


“Wait! Wait!” Jin cut off Ryo’s words. “Don’t tell me you have done something wrong. What was that??” He was looking straight into Ryo’s eyes, but he couldn’t find anything. “Are you telling us that you are serious about Uchi-kun?? Oh my god! Ryo... You were straight, when did you become gay?”


“This has nothing to do with Hiroki. He’s my best friend, you know that! I don’t want to repeat myself, Jin. Right now, I have a more serious problem and I need opinions, especially from you Jin!”


“From me? What was the problem?” Jin was getting very excited to hear the story from Ryo while Yamapi put all ears on Ryo words.


“I’m getting married! And it’s going to be soon.” Ryo blurted.


“WHAT???” Jin and Yamapi were really shocked by the sudden announcement.


“Ryo! I thought we were really close. Why didn’t you tell us you were dating someone?” That was a question from Yamapi. Jin could not stop blinking.


“I’m not dating anyone Pi, believe me. You know my father right? He forced me into this. He said I need to follow the Nishikido’s tradition. We need to get married before we turn 26 years. Just like that! And I’m not allowed to object!” Ryo explained. Jin and Yamapi just nodded believing all Ryo’s story.


“So… Who’s the girl? Err… I mean your future wife. Who’s that? Of course she was being chosen by your parents right?” Yamapi asked.


“At first they wanted to choose my bride for me. I don’t want to marry someone I don’t know, and I’d prefer someone with the same career as me. So I told my parents that I want Ueda to be my bride.” Ryo said the bride name with wavering tone, he was really unsure about the decision that he made earlier. Is it going to be okay? 


“WHAT?? UEDA??” Both Jin and Yamapi couldn’t believe their ears right now.


“You mean Ueda Tatsuya?? The U of KAT-TUN?” Yamapi wanted to ensure it.


“Yes!” Ryo answered.


“Ryo! He’s a man Ryo! How can you marry him? What did your parents say about that? And does Ueda-san even know anything?” Yamapi’s face showed his worry. He was a little scared when he heard Ryo was going to marry a man.


But it was different with Jin. Jin was not bothered by the straight or gay issue; he’s a very open minded person compared to Yamapi. He felt really happy if Ryo choose Ueda, because they are both his best friends. But Jin suddenly realized something.


“Crap!” Jin uttered the word. “Ryo-chan, haven’t you heard about the latest news? Didn’t you read the FRIDAY magazine??” Jin asked hurriedly, he felt really fretful with the decision that Ryo had made, because he didn’t want his best buddy to be hurt, neither Ryo nor Ueda.


“No! I don’t have time to read all that. What? What happened Jin?”


“I’m worried you’ll have to choose another bride!.” And Ryo couldn’t say anything else.




Ryo with Uchi-kun? Is that really true?

Tatsuya was resting on his bed. He kept flipping his body every now and then. He felt like he could blaze from the suddenly burning heat in his heart. Is this heartbreak? He put the back of his right hand on his head, eyes shut. Without him realizing, there were tears flowing from the corner of his eyes. He was crying. He was very pathetic; knowing that the man he’s been in love for such a long time, fall for another man. No! That’s not true! His mind spoke sourly, making him sigh again and again.  Ueda Tatsuya lost the last bit of his sanity.

It’s too late now. Nobody could help him, even Ueda, the person that he thought could be his savior also couldn’t do anything. Ryo’s life was miserable. Why he never knew about the relationship between Ueda and Kobayashi-chan before? Why HE among others could miss this big news? And Ueda is not a gay anymore? Or is he bi? Ryo sighed, whatever his status now, it had nothing to do with him. Jin was right! He has to choose another bride, because everything that he was planning yesterday collapsed in front of him.

They were on their own ways to proceed with the day when suddenly their paths crossed. They bumped into each other that morning. Ueda tried to hide his face by looking on other side when he apologized but Ryo caught him.  There was a sudden urge in his heart. They needed to talk.

“Ueda! Wait!” Ryo stopped the other man.

Ueda did not know why he complied. He felt Ryo touch his hand and turned to face him. “I think we need to talk,” Ryo said.

There was something between them that no one ever knew. Simply said, they cared about each other. Ryo had never stopped eyeing Ueda from afar after he turned Ueda down more than a year earlier. And the truth was, he always looked to Ueda’s side, no matter where or how far they were.  Right now, Ryo thought he couldn’t move on without knowing the facts from Ueda. It was about the truthfulness of the reported relationship that had started to bother Ryo’s mind. He just felt that he wanted to know. No! He NEEDED to know! Ueda, on the other side, really wanted to avoid Ryo’s idea. There was nothing they could talk about. But maybe he could ask Ryo about yesterday’s news; about Ryo and Uchi-kun. So he just nodded and agreed.

“I’ve read the magazine…” Ryo begin the talking session make Tatsuya lifted his head to face Ryo. That gives Ryo the chance to realize Ueda’s eyes were sore. “Ueda, are you okay? Your eyes…” Tatsuya touched his eyes before Ryo could finish his sentence.

“No! It’s nothing, I’m fine. I just didn’t get enough rest last night,” he smiled while he lied, “So… what do we need to talk about Nishikido-kun?”  

“About you and Kobayashi-san, was that report true?” Tatsuya’s eyes widened at Ryo’s unexpected question. What was Ryo’s intention anyway? Why would Ryo like to know? He was looking fiercely into Ryo’s eyes.

“Why? Why do I need to tell you about this? As far as I know, you dumped me… Don’t pretend you know me!” To say that Tatsuya was mad was understatement. He was really depressed by Ryo’s warm action. He started to walk away from Ryo, but Ryo caught his wrist, making him stumble into Ryo’s arms. Tatsuya wanted to pull away, but Ryo tightened his grip, keeping him trapped in Ryo’s warm embraced.

This gave a chanced for Ryo to whisper into Tatsuya’s ear, “I wanted to know the truth because I care for you…” Ryo barely breathed. He felt really uneasy. Why did it hurt when Tatsuya raised his voice? “And if you still had any feelings left for me, could you please do me a favor?” His voice was low, as he wanted to keep the other in place for a little longer.

Ueda’s body trembled from hearing Ryo’s pleading. His eyes got watery very easy… He knew he still longed for Ryo after all this time. Ryoko-chan was only his disguise to hide his true sexual interest.  He was still gay, and only fell for Nishikido Ryo.

By realizing that, Tatsuya nodded slowly as he finally buried himself into Ryo’s arm. Ryo gained his courage to ask a question that he believed would bring big changes into his life…

“Tatsuya… I need you to marry me!”





[One-shot] Unintended (Part One)

Title: Unintended [Part One]
Pairing: RyoDa
Rating: G
Genre: Romance, Fluff (IDK)
Disclaimer: None of them is mine. None is true. But I wish I own Tatsuya soon. XD
Summary: It was an arranged marriage by his parents but he was the one who chose the bride that he claims he had no feelings on. Moreover, the bride is a MAN!
A/N: I made a story base on my last drabble #3, was requested by 
[info]raixas  / min-chan but I think she doesn’t remember it at all. XD I never write multichapters and I doubt I can write it, so this is still One-shot but I’ll make it 3/4 parts... enjoy it & don’t forget to leave me some comments.
Thanks to my dear beta 
[info]kougazgurl  because she managed to beta-ed this for me, even though she’s busy. I really appreciate it. 

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Author: dayenniez

Title: Drabbles
Pairing: RyoDa
Rating: Safe
Genre:  Romance (IDK)
Disclaimer: None of them is mine. None is true. But I wish I own Tatsuya soon.

A/N: This drabbles I made about two weeks ago, only today I have time to post it. For my beloved Tat-chan, Happy 26th Birthday dear~ I’ll always love you!! ♥♥♥
Beta by: kougazgurl Thanks for beta-ing this & also thanks for the notes~ XD

[Meme] You make my day award!!

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[Meme] Top Ten Guys

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This MeMe is to introduce people to your top ten guys (or girls). So starting from 10 being the least favorite to 1 being your absolute favorite list your top ten guys and include a picture of them. They don't have to be real. It can be a character or a cartoon. Just list your top ten guys/girls.


Author: dayenniez 
Title: Resist the sequel, you’re still the one.

Pairing: RyoDa, PiKame

Rating: PG.
Genre: Romance, angst, comedy.
Chapter: One-shot
Summary: There’s a misunderstanding. Can Ryo get his hime’s trust again?
Disclaimer: Nothing for real.

Beta by: kougazgurl  Thanks dear, you're very fast!

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[Meme] Maybe melancholic is suited for me..

I was tagged by our superb ryoda_love's Mod gaillen for over 10 days, goshh.. I was so busy lately. I hope she's fine with the 'pissed off' matter, that girl should have learn to give some respect to others. I was really enjoyed doing this meme, I wanted to share these songs I was selected (of coz my favs, but it depends on my mood ;D)

1. Write down every letter of your name.
2. Then type a song that pops up in your mind in each letter of your name as the first letter.
3. Count the number of letters and tag that many people in your friends list

D dealova (Once, Dewa19)  *this song is always being my favorite, the lyric is really2 beautiful*

A ai no hana (Ueda Tatsuya)

Y ya maulai (Siti Nurhaliza)

E engkau laksana bulan (Shiela Majid)

N never say goodbye (Mario & Nesty)

N nurani (Eisya)

I   if you’re not the one (Daniel Bedingfield)

E enggan (Fauziah Latiff)

Z zukkoke otokomichi (Kanjani 8)

and here's the link:



yeah! I'm a Malay girl, so lots of them is Malay's songs. I'm so lazy to tag, just do it if you want.. Enjoy!!

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